Why Do People Use Bandit Signs?

Why do TV commercials tend to be set at the maximum possible volume that’s always louder than the programming? To grab your attention.

Besides that, this form of advertising has some hidden bonuses in it that make it too attractive for some advertisers. Unlike legitimate forms of advertising, bandit signs serve two purposes at the same time: they put a message in heavily trafficked areas, and they do it cheaply. So cheaply, that just about anyone with a couple of spare dollars and a staple gun can go out and start an ad campaign.

The bigger and louder your sign is, the likelihood already-distracted motorists will pay attention to it for a few seconds.  Hence, most signs feature high- contrast color schemes.

Legitimate advertising costs more money to get your ad in places where traffic is high. But if you are looking at high traffic areas, specifically areas with a lot of automobile traffic, you can insert your message into the public realm. But the biggest pluses with this advertising is: there are no pesky ad contracts, no worrying about regulations protecting consumers, and best of all: it’s difficult for the City of Philadelphia to track down all the owners. If you’re a business that’s trying to run under the radar, avoiding the Philadelphia Department of Revenue for not having a Business Privilege License or any other permit you need to be a legitimate business in the City, the bandit sign is the best way to reach people without attracting too much attention from regulators at the City.

See a bandit sign that bugs you?  Report it!