Okay, But Does That Mean Yard Sale and Lost Dog/Cat/Iguana Signs Are Out?

Unfortunately, the way ¶10-1200 is written, they are.

However, Bandit Project is not about neighborhood activity signs or lost pets, which are usually put up on media that degrades or gets removed by neighborhood residents after the event is over or the ad has faded away. It isn’t commercial advertising that’s meant to be permanent.

Most importantly, neighborhood signs erected by residents usually have information that points directly to the owner of the sign, like an e-mail address or a street location. It would be great if the City could amend ¶10-1200 to avoid cat and mouse traps with un-neighborly neighbors calling L&I on each other over a neighborhood sign, but these incidents simply don’t happen.

Maybe if the City of Philadelphia was as zealous about sign enforcement as say, the Philadelphia Parking Authority is at fining parking scofflaws when your parking is seconds past its sell-by date, perhaps we should worry about it. Until that day arrives, let's just keep your lost pet signs between you, and us.  Capiche?

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