Guess what we found!

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Hey there everyone.   Quick update on one of the worst bandit sign offenders in Philadelphia.

We call him the "6116 Car Guy".   He's a fan of the paper bandit sign.   Well, one day one of his helpers was in Kensington stapling the sign into utility poles.

When our volunteer drove around to talk to the guy, he explained that he meets Junk Car Guy at the Port Richmond Home Depot parking lot, is given a box full of paper signs, and he returns to the same Home Depot after he is through and collects his money for his trouble (Yeah, he's paid cash... take that IRS!)

Well, let's just say our volunteer wasn't very thrilled to hear this and was a bit persuasive after he reminded the bandit sign worker that what he is doing is quite illegal.   He turned over the box full of signs, and we referred this incident to the Philadelphia Police Department and the City of Philadelphia's Managing Director's Office.

Here's the bounty: