How Best to Report Locations of Signs

Identifying locations of bandit signs can be tricky.   Bandit signs are affixed to structures that normally don't have a mailing address, so it's sometimes a stretch to identify where a bandit sign is.

Don't worry about exact addresses if you don't have any.  We use Google to figure that out.   We also save the precise GPS coordinate that you pointed to on the map to eliminate any confusion.

There are several ways you can give us a location:

Using Cross Streets

Location search showing a crosstreet being searched
After you type in the cross street, click "Find location on map", and then drag the marker if you need to get more accurate

When you enter a cross-street and click "Find location on map", you will be taken to the closest intersection.

Google Maps recognizes a cross-street when you use the words "and" or "&", for instance:

  • 20th and Chestnut
  • E Berks & Memphis
  • Front & W Girard

If the map takes you to someplace bizzare, usually it is because your cross-streets split between E/W or N/S.  To help out, re-enter the address again like this:

  • 20th and Chestnut St, Philadelphia PA, 19103
  • Front St & W Girard, Philadelphia PA

Closest Building Address

You can also enter the address of the closest building or lot near where the sign was found.   If you click on "Find location on map", you can confirm that the location is accurate.  After you are finished you can save it and enter more locations, or finish your report.