What Is The Penalty For Bandit Signs?

The standard fee, per sign, is $75. However in 2003, Council passed bill #030558 that sets an upper limit (still, per sign) of$300.00

If you look at the number of signs all around you, and across Philadelphia, a realistic guess would probably be that at any time of year, there’s at least 20,000 bandit signs hanging on trees, utility poles and street lamps across the City.

That’s $6,000,000 of money the City isn’t collecting in fines.

And really, for a possible take of only six million, that isn’t enough to motivate the City to enforce 10-1200. It’s time to amend this law to raise the fine higher. Say, to $1,000 per violation, which would generate a total of $20 million. Now we’re talking about some seriously good money… money that can be diverted to police, or ending fire company brownouts, or paying it forward and pouring that money back into more street cleanups.

See a bandit sign that bugs you?  Report it!