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Slafman Sheriff Sales

How in the world does Slafman make money?

According to the Sheriff's Office, 3 of Slafman's properties are headed into Sheriff's Sale over mortgage foreclosure on January 4, 2012.  

The three properties:

509 W. Thompson St.
2415 Madison Sq. a/k/a 2415 Webster St.
6909 Cedar Park Ave.

This is an ongoing thread about the Slafman Saga.  It started with his bandit sign, it's now ballooned into a larger affair: a shoddy real-estate empire that crisscrosses Philadelphia.
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The City Doesn't Care (Or Maybe It Does?)

The reason why The Bandit Sign Project was created was mainly due to apathy about the City of Philadelphia actually doing anything about bandit signs (namely, enforcing the law).  But in our discovery of some of the schemes lying underneath the bandit signs, we're taking some action.

Pardon our French, but this is a lot of fucking lawsuits
See, in Philadelphia the way this town works; if you can get away with something, you can usually get away with a lot of it.   And in the case of Al Slafman, what he is getting away with is a shoddy real estate commodities business.

Today, yours truly has released a 13lbs document package to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office, begging the PA AG to open an investigation into the Slafman empire.   We submitted a sampling of over 100 civil suits where Slafman is a named defendant, statements from those who are upset doing business with him, a complete inventory from the Philadelphia Records Department of all the properties he has ever touched in this county, including:

  • An upset homeowner who purchased a house full of mold from Slafman
  • A lawsuit launched by Slomins Security to recover fees Slafman failed to pay up
  • A group of renters who jointly filed a lawsuit to recover a missing security deposit, as Slafman stopped communicating with them immediately after their lease had expired
  • A lawsuit launched by a Slafman homebuyer who had defective plumbing that was not detected during the time of sale
  • Dozens of lawsuits by the City of Philadelphia citing code violations on Slafman properties, including shoddy repair work
  • Lawsuits filed by the City of Philadelphia Revenue Department citing unpaid real estate taxes
  • A lawsuit filed by the City of Philadelphia due to the expiration of a business license
  • And more lawsuits filed by the City of Philadelphia citing external code violations (high weeds, trash, etc.)
  • A large morass of unpaid water/gas bills

Will the AG's office look at it and investigate?  We hope so.  If not, let this be a record in the future that one day, when Slafman screws up royally and the business hits the skids, we warned you.

To give the City some fair warning, a copy of this document bundle was also sent to the Philadelphia City Controller's office.   Both packages will be in their offices by December 1.    I'm sure the City will throw the pile of evidence in the trash.   After all, almost all of that paperwork came from the City's own court system, not that anyone cares.

This is Philly after all, where you can run a "CASH FOR HOMES!" business on the side, as was done within the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office by Tyrone Bynum

Slafman's employees and Slafman himself like to spread the word online that he's helping out poor people by giving them cash in their hands quickly.   On one local message board, this was posted:

I happen to know of numerous situations where people were on the verge of foreclosures and other disasters and Mr. Slafman found a way for them to walk away with some money and avoid foreclosure. Just because his sign is not 100% legal is a far stretch to making him a criminal. Those signs have helped many more people than it could ever upset. You should find another topic to discuss like how your government is screwing you every single day, not a guy trying to hustle some business in what is usually a win-win situation.

Yeah, these folks think they are an awesome contribution to humanity.   Of course the only tax they actually are forced to pay is the Real Estate Transfer Tax, because you HAVE to pay that to get a deed recorded in Philadelphia County, and of course this tax is transferred to the buyer--so not are you only paying this tax twice when you buy a Slafman property, you're also buying the unknown.   A GOOD home inspector will give Slafman a lot of headaches (and will probably cause Slafman to stop returning your phone calls).   The best course of action if you're considering buying an FSBO property is to avoid Slafman's inventory, get a GOOD home inspector that is very highly rated, and avoid ANY business person that Slafman recommends that you deal with, especially any title or settlement companies that Al Slafman name-drops.

When it comes to all other forms of obligations that property owners are required by law to uphold, Slafman doesn't even do the absolute minimum; as the court records clearly show.

Really, is it worth the risk?   How many more people are going to be screwed before it's all over?

After all, when it comes to #1, the only property where Slafman actually ensures his obligations are maintained is the Slafman family home.   We believe from court lawsuits filed this year that 7230 Claridge St. is Slafman's crashpad in the city, up in the Lawncrest section of Philadelphia:

New sidewalks, new retaining walls and garden, new stucco.  That's completely unlike any other house in his inventory and it certainly isn't distressed.   Scanning the deed and mortgage records for that house, Betty Santiago-Slafman has held an interest in this property since 2003, much longer than any normal "Slafman special".

Al Slafman is also no stranger to U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court, as shown here from this case in 2002 in this case of a lending deal gone bad:
Party 1: Vasquez, Tomas E.   (xxx-xx-4469)   (Plaintiff)
Party 2: Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, NA     (Defendant)
Party 3: Ocwen Federal Bank, FSB     (Defendant)
Party 4: L.L. Funding Corporation     (Defendant)
Party 5: Slafman, David     (Defendant)
Atty: IRWIN LEE TRAUSS   Represents party 1: Plaintiff  
Phone:   (215) 981-3811
Atty: RICHARD F. STERN   Represents party 2: Defendant  
Phone:   (215) 572-8111
Atty: RICHARD F. STERN   Represents party 3: Defendant  
Phone:   (215) 572-8111
Atty: DAVID H. DENENBERG   Represents party 5: Defendant  
Phone:   (215) 546-1345
Location of case files:  
    Volume:   CS1 
The case file may not be available.  

Is it wise to do business with the Slafmans?

Personally, I think I'd rather live in a house full of toxic Chinese drywall made by Pulte rather than a Slafman Special.  At least with Pulte, I have someone I know I can sue and force them to correct their mistakes.  With Slafman?  Forget it.
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The Cases Speak For Themselves

Editor's Note:  To see a better photo of the car, view the attachment at the bottom.

If you haven't guessed by now, we really do not like Al Slafman.

Recently as last month, we discovered another person doesn't like him that much either.   In the case of Baker vs. Slafman, SC-11-04-13-4267, an occupant of one of Slafman's many real estate "warehousing" properties, Al Slafman illegally locked Ms. Baker out of her home she was renting, with all of her possessions inside.

Ms. Baker sued Slafman for $10,000.  She won a court judgment for $6,100.   Al Slafman didn't bother to attend the court hearing.

That is until, Ms. Baker went back to the court to force a sale of either her possessions or the house itself to secure the $6,100 judgment.   Only then did Al Slafman take Ms. Baker seriously.

The judgment entered against Slafman is at a property located at 7104 Rising Sun.  We love this Youtube video of it... doesn't it make you feel warm and fuzzy?

And the best bit?   Guess what one of our volunteers found (hint: look in the back seat of the car):

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Dean Graziosi's Zombies And How They Plaster Philly With Signs

Last night I stumbled across the website for Dean Graziosi, apparently a guru of "real estate warehousing" or as we all know the game by it's easier name: flipping.

He can afford his flawless skin as long as you
keep paying to go to his seminars and buy his books.

The reason why I stumbled across this dude and his broke MLM followers was: "how do I advertise my real estate scams for next to nothing?".

If you have to pony up 5-figures just to buy a house now,
how you gonna get a house with $0 in 2011?

No doubt, if you see anyone near you with this tome, be sure to take it from them when they're not around and burn that book before they turn into the next zombie running around strange neighborhoods at 3AM putting up coroplast everywhere.
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UPDATE - MyPhillyRoofer: SOLVED

MyPhillyRoofer will not stop until their sign is on
every utility pole in Philadelphia

UPDATE:  Edward McGovern is the principal agent behind

So it looks like, which like most roofers in Philly--loves to put their signs up high where it's hard to reach them--has a Facebook page.

I wonder if the address they posted there is accurate.  I might be swinging through Bridesburg soon to find out.

Oh yes, there's also that flyer I've caught them handing out that has a license number on it that I can't trace.   It seems like they lay more plastic and wooden bandit signs down in places than they have roofs to repair.

And of course their website has zero contact information on it other than a g-mail address and their phone.   The Bandit Dossier page will be updated when we have positive ID's of sign owners.  Can't wait to nail down this one.   I'm sick of seeing their crap littering every neighborhood in Philly.
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Work begins anew...

Now that the main site is up and in good enough shape to take reports, it's time to cook up a Droid and a iPhone app to make reporting signs a cinch.   This may take a while since I only have weekends and lunch breaks to work on it.   If you're interested in taking up writing an app for banditProject and have some developer skills, contact us.
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