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Utility Pole 2110 E York St, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA E York St and Martha St 39.9821602-75.1283852[Anonymous]
Utility Pole E York St & Amber St, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA Amber St and E York St 39.982486-75.1285504[Anonymous]
Utility Pole Summerdale Ave & Devereaux Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA Summerdale Ave and Devereaux Ave 40.0395415-75.0843755lemko
Utility Pole Devereaux Ave & Frontenac St, Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA Frontenac St and Devereaux Ave 40.0389304-75.0832666lemko
Utility Pole Devereaux Ave & Loretto Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA Loretto Ave and Devereaux Ave 40.0378072-75.0812651lemko
Utility Pole Castor Ave & Devereaux Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19149, USA Castor Ave and Devereaux Ave 40.0370224-75.0797547lemko
Utility Pole 3138 Richmond St, Philadelphia, PA 19134, USA Emery St and E Clementine St 39.982531-75.1027919[Anonymous]
Utility Pole Oxford Ave & Langdon St, Philadelphia, PA 19149, USA Oxford Ave and Langdon St 40.0379774-75.0886808lemko
Utility Pole Whitaker Ave & E Godfrey Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA Whitaker Ave and E Godfrey Ave 40.0360982-75.0984251lemko
Tree U.S. 1 & Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19120, USA Rising Sun Ave and Roosevelt Blvd 40.0260126-75.1219684[Anonymous]
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New sign: (215) 740-6116 Junk Cars 

Viewed 93376 time(s) ,  11 post(s).   2 year(s) 10 month(s) ago  by bandit_bot 
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bandit_bot 2 year(s) 10 month(s) ago
Linkback:  New sign: (215) 740-6116 Junk Cars

JUNK CARS $200-$400 CASH PAID 215-740-6116

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bandit_destroyer 2 year(s) 9 month(s) ago
This sign is also in West Philadelphia.  Someone in Penn Wynn entered in a SCF ticket for it.  3-1-1 never acknowledged it (shocking).
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canstreetspam 2 year(s) 9 month(s) ago
These horrible things are everywhere along Washington Ave.
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bandit_destroyer 2 year(s) ago
It looks like the owner of this sign registered his cell phone under someone else's name.   Definitely a case of identity theft.
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lemko 2 year(s) ago
Got 6 of these off the corner of Godfrey and Whitaker across from Thalheimer Metals, Inc. this morning.
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lemko 2 year(s) ago

I was passing through on the way to work when I spotted one of this bandit sign creep's signs plastered two or three to every pole from Cottman Avenue up to Verree and Oxford. A good indicator was that many were already mostly torn-off the poles meaning the people in this neighborhood don't play! This is a very nice neighborhhod and it doesn't need to be "ghettoized" by outside creeps! Unfortunately, many were missed:

Oxford and Verree by Young's Evergreen Produce Market.
SE corner Oxford and Bleigh by Brothers' Auto Repair.
SW corner Bleigh and Rising Sun.
SE corner Bleigh and Rising Sun.
SW corner Bleigh and Palmetto Sun.
SE corner Bleigh and Palmetto Sun.
SW corner Bleigh and Bingham across from Crossan Elementary.
7350 Oxford Avenue by Auto Zone.
7322 Oxford Avenue by Makiman Sushi.
NE corner Rising Sun and Oxford.
7320 Oxford Avenue by Custard's Last Stand.
7300 Rising Sun Avenue by Dunkin' Donuts.
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lemko 1 year 9 month(s) ago
This creep is a real hard case! He had the entire perimeter of the Har Nebo cemetary surrounded by these ugly yellow signs. There were two or three to each utility pole along Devereux from Algon to Summerdale; Robbins to Van Kirk along Summerdale, and from Frontenac to Algon along Oxford Avenue. There are much more north of Robbins and south of Van Kirk along Summerdale and east of Frontenac along Oxford Avenue. This dirtbag is a real degenerate! The city needs to fine this reprobate into abject poverty and inescapable bankruptcy!
9 Four-Hundred-the-Cat
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Four-Hundred-the-Cat 1 year 2 month(s) ago
This scumbag is at it again! I guess the crack and meth-heads this creep hires don't mind the frigid temperatures! Well, I don't mind the frigid temperatures either! Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor arctic chills will keep me from keeping our neighborhoods free of community-destroying blight such as bandit signs.

I must have pulled down over 484 of these signs. These 215-740-6116 JUNK CARS signs were posted two to four signs per utility pole at the following intersections and every pole between these points.

Levick and Rising Sun Avenue.
Levick and Palmetto.
Levick and Bingham.
Levick and Lawndale.
Levick and Tabor Avenue.

Robbins and Tabor Avenue.
Devereaux and Tabor Avenue.
Benner and Tabor Avenue.
Comly and Tabor Avenue.
Van Kirk and Tabor Avenue.
Alcott and Tabor Avenue.
Rosalie and Tabor Avenue.
Cheltenham and Tabor Avenue.
Anchor and Tabor Avenue.
Carver and Tabor Avenue.
Sanger and Tabor Avenue.
Brill and Tabor Avenue.
Godfrey and Tabor Avenue.
Allengrove and Tabor Avenue.
Harrison and Tabor Avenue.
Foulkrod and Tabor Avenue.
Adams Avenue and Tabor Avenue.

Claridge and Adams Avenue.
Howland and Adams Avenue.
Montour and Adams Avenue.
Whitaker and Adams Avenue.

Longshore and Oxford Avenue.
Longshore and Bingham Street.
Longshore and Rising Sun Avenue.

There are more going south on Tabor below Adams Avenue and west on Adams Avenue past Tabor.

Tell me, why isn't this creep in jail or fined into oblivion? This dirtbag is begging for some good old-fashioned street justice!

10 Four-Hundred-the-Cat
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It's 215-740-6116, one of the WORST bandit sign criminals in the city, with 256 signs removed this afternoon!
I removed 72 of them from Tabor Avenue, several more along Levick from Tabor to Montour and Martins Mill Road between Levick and Oxford, and the remainder from Oxford Avenue from the Naval Depot at 700 Robbins Avenue to the Oxford Circle at Roosevelt Boulevard.

At $300 a pop per fine, that's a whopping $76,800!
You gotta hand it to this creep, he doesn't give up! I guess this scumbag likes wasting his money and the time of the seedy print shop he uses and that of the crackheads and meth-heads he hires to post them. These signs weren't up at 1:00 this afternoon when I first passed through the neighborhood, but I come back around 4:00 and guess what I see; pink and yellow signs like the one pictured plastered 2 to 4 signs per pole at and between the following locations:

Oxford and Langdon
Langdon and Howell
Langdon and Van Kirk
Langdon and Alcott
Langdon and Rosalie
Langdon and Cheltenham
Howell and Oxford
Summerdale and Oxford
Van Kirk and Oxford
Agusta and Van Kirk
Frontenac and Oxford
Loretto and Oxford
5711 Oxford Avenue
5719 Oxford Avenue
Oxford Avenue and Roosevelt Blvd.
Van Kirk and Summerdale
Oxford and Algon
Oxford and Devereaux
Devereaux and Algon
6169 Oxford Avenue
6202 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia
6204 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia
6225 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia
6300 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia
6301 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia
Martins Mill Road and Montour
Martins Mill Road and Levick
Montour and Levick
Tabor Avenue and Levick
6336 Tabor Avenue
6324 Tabor Avenue
6314 Tabor Avenue
Tabor Avenue and Robbins
Tabor Avenue and Devereaux
Tabor Avenue and Benner
Tabor Avenue and Comly
Tabor Avenue and Van Kirk
Tabor Avenue and Alcott
Tabor Avenue and Rosalie
Tabor Avenue and Cheltenham
Tabor Avenue and Anchor
Tabor Avenue and Carver
Tabor Avenue and Sanger
Tabor Avenue and Brill
Tabor Avenue and Godfrey

I also got a number of other junk cars creeps' signs along the way:

215-526-3740 = 17
215-207-5847 = 15
267-444-1503 = 10
267-319-9202 = 2
267-598-4523 = 1
267-229-1970 = 1
267-271-7703 = 1

That's 303 signs in all. Not a bad hour's work!
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